The Benefits of a Memory Foam Mattress

The Benefits of a Memory Foam Mattress

The Benefits of a Memory Foam Mattress

The average person spends about 26 years sleeping in their lifetime, so choosing a new mattress is a really important decision.

You need to consider various factors such as yours and your partner’s requirements, preferences and your budget, but overall, you need to choose the most comfortable mattress for you. This article explores the full benefits of a memory foam mattress to help you decide if it is the right choice for your needs.

What is Memory Foam?

Memory foam was first designed by NASA in the mid-1960s for aircraft seating. It is made mainly from a substance called polyurethane.

Memory foam softens and moulds to the body in response to heat and pressure, evenly distributing body weight. It then slowly returns to its original shape once you remove the pressure.

It is used for many purposes now including wheelchair seats and even in shoes, but it’s luxurious comfort means that it provides the ideal surface for sleeping.

The Benefits of a Memory Foam Mattress

Why Choose Memory Foam?

Memory foam mattresses have many benefits, but the main benefit, and arguably the most important one, is comfort.

Memory foam responds to your unique body shape, moulding to you to relieve pressure and provide optimal support and comfort. A memory foam mattress creates your very own, personalised sleeping space and literally feels as though it has been made just for you!

The benefits of a memory foam mattress include:

  • It provides optimal comfort & support
  • It evenly distributes your body weight, providing pressure point relief
  • It helps to relieve aches and pains
  • It can increase blood circulation
  • It is anti-microbial and dust mite resistant
  • It reduces transfer of movement, so you’re less likely to be woken by your partner moving around.

Do Memory Foam Mattresses Get Hot?

When memory foam mattresses were first introduced, they did have a tendency to make you very warm while you slept. This was because they retained a lot of heat and did not have the technology to regulate temperature.

However, the majority of memory foam mattresses now have the technology to regulate temperature, so this is no longer an issue, and comfort is no longer compromised.

The Benefits of a Memory Foam Mattress

Are There Different Types of Memory Foam Mattresses?

The answer to this is yes – there are different types of memory foam mattresses. If you don’t want a full memory foam mattress, you also have the option of our Pocket Memory Foam Mattresses, or our Open Coil with Memory Foam Mattresses. We have a wide range to choose from online, but please don’t hesitate to contact our sales team if you need any assistance or advice.

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All of the above benefits make it easy to understand why so many people choose a memory foam mattress over a spring mattress! Take a look at our full range online now, and treat yourself to the best sleep you’ve ever had.

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