Mlily Dream Plus Mattress

Crafted alongside the sleep scientists at Manchester United, the Mlily Dream Plus Mattress takes advantage of the most advanced sleep technology, combining two high performance beds into one complete mattress.

The top half is centered around our comfort design, working alongside the elements from the Mlily Cooling Gel.

Memory foam moulds to the body and conforms to the body's curves, and then returns to its natural shape. In addition, genuine visco-elastic memory foam can improve the circulation of blood and oxygen allowing it to flow freely throughout the body. This eliminates tossing and turning in bed.

The Mlily Dream Plus Mattress consists of the following layers:

1. Mlily Air-Flow TCP Memory Foam

2. Mlily TCP Cloud-Memory Foam

3. 2000 Firm X-Springs

4. Aero-Flex Support Border

5. Dream Flex Foam

6. Thin Dream Flex Foam

7. 2000 Firm Hybrid Mini-Support Springs

8. Aero-Flex Support Border

9. Dream Support Foam

If you have any questions regarding this mattress, please contact our Retail Sales Team 0191 586 0010. You can also take a look at our range of beautiful bed frames to complete the look.

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Mlily Dream Plus Mattress

Code: 01663
Manufacturer: Mlily
Availability: 5 to 15 Working Days
Sleep Happy rating:
5 out of 5

Please call:

0191 586 0010


  1. 5 out of 5

    Mary Fraser (verified owner)

    Comfort at its best.
    This mattress is worth every penny. It is so comfortable.

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