Dream 3000 Mattress by MLILY

The Dream 3000 Mattress from Mlily is a stunning design with the aim of giving you a more refreshing sleep.

The internal top layer of Nanocool Ice Fiber gives you a cooler and more natural sleeping surface. Layers of memory foam enhances your oxygen and blood circulation, while a blend of 3000 Hybrid and X springs enhance comfort even further to give you an increasingly more profound and tranquil nights sleep.

Dream 3000 Mattress Layers

  • 1. Nanocool Ice Fibre which helps to regulate and cool

  • 2. Mlily Air-Flow TCP Memory Foam

  • 3. Mlily TCP Cloud-Memory Foam

  • 4. 1000 X-Springs

  • 5. Aero-Flex Support Border

  • 6. Dream Flex Foam

  • 7. Thin Dream Flex Foam

  • 8. 2000 Hybrid Mini-Support Springs

  • 9. Aero-Flex Support Border

  • 10. Dream Support Foam

If you have any questions regarding this luxury mattress, please contact our Retail Sales Team on 0191 586 0010, or take a look at our range of bed frames to complete the look.

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Mlily Dream 3000 Mattress

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Manufacturer: Mlily
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